Do you Hukk?

As someone who A) does the majority of her shopping online vs actually going to the stores and B) LOVES a good deal, I am so happy to share with you a new friend to help in the quest to always find an online sale. Meet Hukkster.

Hukkster is a new start up by Katie Finnegan and Erica Bell, and you can read more about how they came about setting this marvelous new site up here. (Erica was a lovely bride of mine and Trent’s last fall, and I couldn’t be happier for her new business.) I was thrilled when Erica asked me to be part of the beta testing for the new site and have definitely been taking advantage of the perks of hukking. After spending hours of my time hukking my wish list items online, I can say Hukkster will be your new BFF…. believe me!

Want to start hukking before the new site launches this fall? As a loyal hukker, I’ve been given permission to grant 10 of my closest friends early access. Shoot me an email at and I’ll tell you how. Pretty soon, you, too can receive happy email notifications from hukkster like this one:


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