It’s the first ever sample sale here on Preston & Olivia. And because tis the season for sample sales here in the city, I thought, “why not!” So get excited and get to shopping!

These select pieces are one-of-a-kinds, final collection pieces from classes at FIT, protos, shoot samples, and leftover inventory from our stay at the Brooklyn Collective. They’re all in great condition and looking for a good home.

And yes, that is yours truly “modeling” these lovely hats, headbands, and halos. I use the term modeling loosely as I’m well aware I’m not fooling anyone here. This will not be a regular occurrence on my shop site, I can assure you that! I completely intend on leaving the modeling up to… well, you know…MODELS!

So here you have it, a few of my faves below (and don’t forget to scroll through the ones above). And shop the complete sale here.

One of my favorite halos here. It’s so fun with the mixtures of textures. I kind of wish I could be that girl and wear this every single day!

This little boater fascinator was a piece from one of my final collections at FIT. Very menswear inspired with the herringbone used as the hat band and the pop under the brim, but still a cute feminine piece and so fun to wear. 

Another one of my final collection pieces here. This pillbox fascinator makes for a lovely bridal headpiece or just a Sunday stroll in the city.

I heart this skull cap so much. It’s 20′s meets the 70′s, and what’s not to love about that!

I j’adore this yellow fella so much. One of the special edition pieces I made for the Brooklyn Collective. It’s a wonderful fur velour that would make for a great fall and winter hat!

Such an appropriate Fall/Winter helmet here. I’m going to go ahead and just predict it: Cloche style hats and helmets will be HUGE this fall when that new Gatsby movie debuts! Just saying. 

And this little one is that perfect headband that can go with so much and is truly seasonless. Great for the “summer goddess” look and ode to fall leaves, and the perfect holiday accessory. Need I say more?

I hope this sale brightens up your Monday.


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