Happy 26th to Me.

I know it’s been a month since my birthday, but I wanted to share some pics as this year’s bday definitely “takes the cake” for best birthday celebrations every! Trent treated me to a few days in Montauk complete with yoga, beach day, and bike riding. (that’s my kind of vacation) Then we came back to the city for my actual birthday, May 12, and had a fun night out with all my wonderful friends. Thank you a million to all of you who made it out to celebrate with me. You all made my night a very memorable one.


The entire night was a surprise for me. All I knew was that we were meeting friends for dinner (no idea which friends) and that there was a raw vegan birthday cake at our apt for me.


A ring and new clutch from Mr. Cobb. 

My crazy, wonderful friends! Walking to the second destination for drinks with more friends.


 Then it was back to our place for not one, but two birthday cakes. Since Trent and I are only 25 days a part, and we were out of town for his bday weekend, we decided a joint red velvet cake was more than appropriate. AND I assumed no one would actually want any of my raw vegan pecan pie “birthday cake.”

Good-bye 25, and HELLO to what is going to be a great 26th year!



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