Say Cheese!!!

Trent is always introducing us to the newest members of his camera bag, so I wanted to take a moment to do the same. Let me introduce to you this¬†AMAZING, handy-dandy, little Spongebob Square Pants camera I won during the annual Cobb Family Dirty Santa Gift Exchange. And yes, it is what it appears to be… I actually took this thing with me to St. Maarten.

Ok. I admit, it does not take the best of photos (especially compared to these taken on Trent’s Contax). However, it sure was fun being a goofy tourist and snapping away on this little friend. I think Trent was really a little embarrassed at first, but he quickly got over it. And the end result was some retro-y looking images. Enjoy, and I cannot wait to share more of Trent’s beautiful images from the trip.

Our first day exploring the French side of St. Martin. This was Waikiki Beach.

On the balcony at our resort in St. Maarten.

Trent showing off with his “real” camera.

We had a taxi drive us around St. Barths to show us all the good views.

The beautiful drive around the island of St. Barths.

So long, St. Barths. Until next time…



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  1. Trent Jan 24th 13:55

    even with mr. spongebob you still take awesome photos. you are just that good. i love this post!

  2. rhonda Jan 24th 19:24

    This post made me laugh SOOOOO hard ! ! ! Leave it to those crazy “Cobb’s” to bring the best dirty santa gifts. Hahahaha