Here’s the Church, and Here’s the Steeple….

I can’t really explain my love and fascination for old churches. I can only imagine this obsession must have stemmed from my fond memories growing up of going home to south Louisiana to visit my grandparents and attending church services with them in their very old southern churches with long wooden pews, large stained glass windows, and old hymnals. I still love that so much today.

When Trent and I were planning our wedding, we spent so much time scouting out that perfect gothic church in New Orleans where we would say our vows and start our journey together as husband and wife (yeah, I know, I just went cheese-tastic on you). And now, Trent and I attend Apostles church here in the city, and it’s held in an old gothic church. Anyways, I really, really just love, love, love old churches! AND those beautiful stained glass windows!

So I bring you to the real point of this post. I wanted to share with you this image and an explanation behind it. Trent and I had the privilege of shooting a beautiful wedding this weekend in Saratoga Springs, NY at an old historical church still being restored to its grandeur. And as I’m sure you can imagine, the stained glass windows were beyond gorge! I couldn’t stop taking pictures of them. (Hey R.G and Lisa, you’re going to have lots of shots of stained glass windows in your gallery, so get ready) We even did the first look in the balcony in front of floor to ceiling windows with light flooding in… Ok, you get it; I’m stopping here…. Enjoy



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