An Apple a Day…

Some of you may have seen this last year on Trent’s blog. Trent and I made a little trek upstate to pick a few apples, and so, of course, we had to make it a tradition and returned again this year for partie 2 de la cueillette des pommes (part 2 of apple picking). This time, we brought along our wonderful friends and partners-in-crime, Nick and Yanessa. We had fun dodging bees and avoiding mud picking and eating apples right off the trees. And of course, there was some posing picture taking. I mean, how can you resist with the scenic backdrop and a beautiful apple orchard to boot.


We had a good time and I hope the carry on the tradition next year. And also, in keeping with traditions, we made a stop at Woodbury Commons on the way home to, you know, pick up a thing or two. Enjoy




Images by yours truly

For more images, check out Nicks post here.

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  1. Kat Harris Oct 20th 22:17

    This looks so fun! I wanna join:)

  2. First time apple pickin’ | Yanessa's Blog Oct 24th 06:02

    [...] they are….perfect and fresh and delicious! Here’s some extra pictures taken by Nick and Dara (they beat me on the [...]