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I apologize that it’s almost been a week and no recap, but FNO was WONDERFUL! (except for the fact that my feet officially hate me for wearing my new Zara pumps while walking way too many blocks from store to store) Anyways, we all had a grand time, and by we I mean Trent, Nick, Yanessa, Priscilla, Jessica, and myself. We started off in the Meatpacking district to visit my favorite, DvF. To my delight, Trent surprised me by tracking down and placing on hold a certain little something, something I have had my eyes on for this season but was unable to track down myself. (This purchase will get it’s very own post later, don’t you worry.) How freaking awesome is he? I’m one lucky girl! Oh, and Diane, herself, may or may have not been wearing this exact thing that very night! After that, we made our way back to the subway, stopping by a food truck along the way, and then down to SoHo.

Once in SoHo, we stopped by Phaidon to see Garance’s exhibition. She looked so cool in her airbrushed tee! Love! After that, Priscilla wanted to stop in at Osklen. This was my first visit, and I fell head-over-heels in love with the clothes and shoes and accessories, oh, my! They’re impeccable, but I guess that’s to be expected as it is a Brazilian brand! Then, after finally surrendering to the converse sneakers, (yes I had to admit defeat and change from my beautiful big girl shoes. The blisters FOUR big blisters on my heels were too bad to bare) we made our way to Billy Reid! I always love showing new friends Billy’s store. And this was a real treat, as Trent and I were the only ones in the group who had ever seen the store. As usual, it did not disappoint.

After Billy’s show we all decided FNO was over for us and we were hungry. Trent, Priscilla, Jessica, and I decided we would get Spice, but I’m just going to leave the details of that little adventure to the four of us.

Aaaannd I apologize, but I was so caught up in the events of the night that I got not even one single picture. AND, Trent even brought his camera and failed to document the night! What’s wrong with us? Please don’t hate us!!!

I do have some not-so-great-quality-iphone images from Billy Reid‘s Spring 2011 Presentation that took place this past Friday at Milk Studios. Trent and I were so excited to be invited to the show again and here are some images I managed to get while gawking over all the looks. Again, not the best, but Trent did take lots of images that I hope to share with you all at a later time. Until then, here you are.

Some of my favorite looks

I was in LOVE with the set! And that long shirtdress! And there’s the talented Designer extraordinaire himself.




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