“Bill! I love you so and I always will…”

Hi there,

So, as promised, I bring to you more images from our Jazz Age Lawn Party we partook in a few weekends ago over on Governor’s Island (which was not washed away by “hurricane” Irene).

However, I’m not sharing them all with you just yet (like the Kardashians, I’m going to drag this out as long as possible!) Today, I wanted to share with you some images I captured of the talented Mr. Bill Cunningham in action. Did anyone else see his film, because Trent and I are only slightly obsessed with him. Anyways, Trent spotted Bill on the dance floor snapping away as usual in his blue coat, and he even photo-bombed one of Trent’s images! After that, my lovely friend, Yanessa, and I were on a quest to get our picture taken with Bill!

And, voilà! Sweet victory! Well, almost. Bill was too quick and Trent’s film was not yet loaded. Good thing we got him to talk for a few seconds, literally, just a few seconds.

He moves so quick… you can barely say a word and then he’s off to the next photo-op.

Isn’t he so cute!

But it didn’t stop there! After Yanessa and I successfully had our picture taken “with” Bill, it became a cat and mouse game. We would be walking around, and there’s Bill taking our picture. Then I got my camera out but he caught me taking his picture, and so he laughed and took another one!

This shot was so perfect! He caught me!

Needless to say, all this kept us entertained for hours!

a hit and run

And there he goes again.

More images to come.



Images by Yours Truly and photographer extraordinaire, Mr. Trent Bailey

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  1. Yanessa Sep 02nd 19:45

    hahaha i LOVE him!

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