Now and Then…

Happy Wednesday!

So this isn’t quite a Mid Week Motivation post, but I wanted to share with you all some very special images here that are pretty inspiring to me. Yesterday’s post made me nostalgic for some of my favorite images of my grandparents. I think they’re such a dandy little couple, and they were always in love and had many happy years together. I hope that Trent and I are as lucky as they were.

I did a little side by side of these old images with some of Trent’s polaroids from this weekend’s trip to the Jazz Age Lawn Party.

My Grandparents in front of their home….Trent and me in front of an equally as old home on Governor’s Island


Did I ever mention that my grandmother was the first Darling of LSU? She was so beautiful, and a true southern belle in every way. Look at her outfit. I love the men’s wear inspired fabrics. It’s absolutely smashing, and I would wear this exact outfit in a heartbeat! I even have a copy of this image framed at my desk at work to look at and admire daily.

My Grandmother with my grandfather’s hat and cane on the campus of LSU, also our alma mater… and yours truly sporting a P&O halo

More images from the Jazz Age Lawn Party still to come, I promise.



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